McGee launches people and safety initiatives

Ramp innovation
Beginning in Summer 2021, we will start using Power Stow Belt Loaders in our SEA hub. By Summer of 2022 we will have over 30 units, or one for every gate in SEA. This equipment significantly changes the way we load/unload aircraft and It also will help us reduce our injuries that our team members sustain in the cargo compartment. We estimate that we can reduce our 2019 injury rate by 50-75%.

Safety advancement testing
To further innovate and reduce injuries from offloading bags on the baggage carousel, we are testing a piece of equipment called the Power Stow Transfer belt that is used to assist with offloading bags in the cargo in the carousels. We began testing a demo unit in SEA in late January and if we like it we may get more to use on other carousels.

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