Aircraft services delivered with EXPERIENCE & AGILITY

Our customers get the best of two worlds

On the one hand, we possess deep aviation experience and a proven ability to execute. On the other, we’re essentially a new start-up, driven by a scrappy, go-getter attitude. To disrupt the “vendor” perception of ground handling and aviation support. To go all in on service.

We have the size and scale and expertise to get things done safely and reliably, to move customers and bags and equipment efficiently. At the same time, we’re on a mission to redefine the service standards for ground and airport operations. More agility, more responsiveness, more human touch.

Ground handling

While an aircraft is on the ground and parked at the gate, we provide a range of expert services: loading and unloading baggage and cargo, servicing water and lavatory waste, and moving and parking of aircraft.

Aircraft cleaning

McGee crews are responsible for quick and thorough cleaning of the passenger cabins of aircraft. This includes seats, tray tables, aisles, galleys, and lavatories.

Airport mobility services

We provide courteous and helpful transportation for airline passengers who are in wheelchairs. Both within the airport and onboard the aircraft.

Check-in/gate services

McGee teams efficiently assist passengers in various phases of the airport travel process, from flight check-in to flight administration at the gate.

We are well versed in almost all things related to ground operations aircraft support services, from the plane to the baggage hold to the ramp to the gate. Ask us about other service requirements you may have!


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Phoenix, AZ
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