Bringing HIGH STANDARDS to aviation services


Aviation and airport services demand the highest level of safeguards and precautions. We have an absolute obligation to ourselves, our families, and our customers to prioritize safety over everything else. McGee has established a culture of safety that empowers all of us to proactively identify, prevent, and address at-risk behaviors and other safety hazards. And we maintain the highest level of compliance with company, governmental, and regulatory standards.

Mutual respect

We believe in the Golden Rule: Treat others the way we would like to be treated. We promote an appreciative, supportive, diverse work environment. Our leadership is accessible and listens to team members.


Service is at the core of everything we do. And our mission is to redefine the service standards for ground handling and airport operations. We have the resources and know-how to move customers, bags, and equipment safely and efficiently. Combined with a scrappy agility, responsiveness, and human touch beyond the common norms of the air services industry.


Every job is important to our overall success. We take responsibility for our words, actions, and results. We follow established procedures and actively engage in making things better for everyone.


McGee staff are governed by accountability and ownership. What we do in the aviation industry is crucial and critical — every single job, every single day, around the clock. Whether ramp services, gate assistance, wheelchair services, ground operations, aircraft cleaning, or baggage services. Conducting ourselves in an ethical manner with honesty and transparency is a requirement for all of us.


Our team members are the engine of McGee. We do everything in our power to build teams of motivated, high-performing individuals. We work together in a collaborative, friendly environment. And we celebrate our collective accomplishments.